giving teachers and students confidence in grammar and literacy
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Professional Development

"This is a very useful course that every teacher should do."
Teacher at Fairfield High School
"A very well-structured professional learning online course."
Teacher at Sunshine Bay Public School
"Fantastic! I now feel much more knowledgeable about grammar and more confident to teach it to my students. I really enjoyed the course and will recommend it to my colleagues."
Teacher at Picnic Point Public School
"I found the 'back to basics' approach of the first few modules to be quite helpful. Tasks where sentence construction was scaffolded were useful and helped to demonstrate the function of particular word groups (rather than just explaining them and moving on)."
Teacher at Fairfield High School

School Educators

"I have spent time looking at/working through Grammar in a Nutshell and have found it to be a student friendly and engaging way to learn and revise grammar. In my experience, students need to be able to revise and continue to revise grammar and this programme allows them to do just that in a variety of engaging ways. The present generation of students will, on the whole, more readily engage with online grammar than grammar in a book. They also like to be able to quickly see if they are correct. Indeed, it is best practice teaching to be able to quickly acknowledge right and wrong answers and help the students revise until they can accomplish the task. Being able to work at a student's own pace also means that students can persevere without feeling that everyone else will know when they need to redo a task. Grammar in A Nutshell is colourful and eye catching and easy to use. The new Australian Curriculum has brought grammar back into focus and Grammar in a Nutshell can be effectively integrated with the new Australian Curriculum."
Mrs Williams, Head of Faculty - English/HSIE


Michaela - Year 11/12

Self Study

"The course simplified sentence construction for me. It helped me see why grammar is so essential in learning another language and also how to construct a reasonable story. I find it hard to follow instruction books, but this was so clearly visual I had a 'light bulb' moment."
Vivien Doyle
"The course was very well received by all the adults ranging in ages 50 to 70 of which the majority had left school at the equivalent of Year 9. They all agreed they had enjoyed the lessons very much and felt they had greatly improved their own knowledge of English grammar."
Margaret Jopling
"This course is a beginning to becoming a grammar expert. The basic mysteries of grammar are set out in an easy manner for you to follow step-by-step. It is a way that is fun and not at all difficult."
Lorna Rossiter