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My special thanks to the many students and teachers from all educational levels; to friends and acquaintances; and to all my wonderfully supportive family, (especially Leoni and Wayne), who used and trialled this project in its basic form, and who urged me to "keep going" until it could be offered to all those in the wider world who could benefit from it.
To those special people who tackled my early endeavours - in particular, Prue Hodkinson (typing), Mark McNeil (printing) and Greg Kachel (recording). Your "second mile" efforts will never be forgotten.
For all the fine tuning, my heartfelt gratitude to Steve Cook for his painstaking, wonderful graphic work, and to Susie Blue for her perky "just right" cartoons. Without you two special people nothing would have happened.
To Roger Furniss and the hardworking team at Five Senses Education who first published the completed "Grammar In A Nutshell" in book form, my more than grateful thanks.
The final accolades, adulation and thanks go to Lionel Murray and Michael Parker at Datasonics who have been unstinting in the time they have spent, and in the amazing creative efforts they have made to transform the book from product into software - an incredible feat that will finally allow people the world over, to learn English grammar quickly, easily and enjoyably.
Thankyou all,
Lorna Jennaway