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Are You Prepared for the new NSW English Syllabus?

Reform recommendations from the NSW Curriculum Review are shaping the new syllabuses, and identifying priorities for the early, middle and later years of schooling:
  • building strong foundations with new English and Mathematics syllabuses for Years K-2
  • the review highlighted a need to focus on the basics
  • some students are not receiving the solid foundation in English
Here is a link to the new Digital Curriculum for English K-2 with other subjects to follow as they are developed. On this page you will find links to supporting documents including the English K-2 Syllabus in a formatted PDF.

The new English K-2 Syllabus has been introduced and will be mandatory from 2023

The new English 3-10 Syllabus will be mandatory from 2024

Grammar was kicked out of the curriculum for several decades and many teachers were not formally taught English Grammar, but the new syllabus is about to change all that, so time is running out to make sure you are prepared.

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