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Overview of Grammar In A Nutshell

Grammar in a Nutshell is an online English Grammar course by Lorna Jennaway Dip. Journalism, Dip. P.E., B.A., Dip. Ed. Admin., M. Ed. Admin. that teaches all aspects of English Grammar using functional grammar and colour. The 10 modules essentially focus on students aged 8 to 18 and adults of any age who have 'missed out' on formal grammar - including parents and teachers - plus migrants, ethnic groups and international students who are studying English as a second language with the assistance of a mentor who has English as a first language. This is the online extension of the very popular Grammar In a Nutshell grammar kit released several years ago, and this online version now allows teachers and students of all ages to learn English Grammar in an engaging and interesting manner in a class setting or from the comfort of their own home.

Grammar In A Nutshell has been designed to operate in 4 modes to suit all users.

  1. Professional Development. Grammar in a Nutshell provides an online course that represents a great opportunity for teachers to 'brush up' on their English Grammar without requiring relief teachers to replace them.
  2. School Educators. All the lessons in Grammar In A Nutshell are designed for personalized learning. They are ideal for the school educator because they cater for students of varying abilities and backgrounds from the talented to the remedial, even in the same class. The Student and Class Management page allows educators to manage each of their students and monitor their progress through each of the lesson modules, reviewing their scores. Grammar In A Nutshell is now compatible with Google Classroom and this provides a seamless environment for teachers and students to use a single logon without requiring to remember a username and password to use the application. The management is simplified as students at the school can login without requiring class lists to be uploaded.
  3. Homeschoolers. Homeschool parents now have the same opportunity as schools to use Grammar In A Nutshell with their children. The exercises that follow the information lessons in each of the lesson modules provide immediate feedback to the students and this allows them to repeat exercises until they have learned the concepts that have been presented. This means that it is not essential for the parent to be fully conversant with English Grammar in order to use this product with their children. A Student Management page allows parents to manage each of their children from a single login and to monitor their progress through each of the lesson modules by reviewing their scores.
  4. Self-Study. Migrants, ethnic groups and international students who are studying English as a second language (ESL) can now use the lessons, exercises and assessment tasks within Grammar In A Nutshell to help them learn English Grammar and to speak and write English correctly. People coming to live and/or study in Australia are required to reach a certain level of English and with the help of an English-speaking mentor these lessons, exercises and assessment tasks will help them achieve the required level. With only a small one-off cost, the self-study person can move through the lesson modules at a comfortable pace that suits his/her situation.